Pakej Nikah Sanding Perkahwinan

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Pakej Tunang Nikah Sanding Perkahwinan

Perkhidmatan Wedding Planner

Selain daripada perkhidmatan perunding perkahwinan, Nurul Adilah Wedding Planner juga turut menyediakan perkhidmatan katering perkahwinan lengkap serta Dewan /Hall/Ballroom/Event Space/Bungalow/Glass Garden House untuk bakal pengantin dari dewan pengantin, kanopi, busana, foto, video, pelamin dan banyak lagi bagi memudahkan bakal pengantin membuat tempahan.

  • Dewan Perkahwinan
  • Khemah & Kanopi
  • Busana Pengantin
  • Fotografi
  • Videografi
  • DJ & PA System
  • Pelamin
  • Makeup

Our expertise is to assist our customer organizing their event, need catering services, canopies for any event whether small or large and other events related. These services include Delicious and quality cuisine and trained waitresses to handle any occasion.

Our mission is to provide suitable services with a good quality that meet our client budget and expectation. Meanwhile, our Vision is to be the key player in organizing an event not only niche to the catering services but as a total event management provider.

Founded in 2017. Based in the beautiful bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.…/

Melati 1
PAKEJ NIKAH – 100pax | RM6000…/Booking+Pakej+Nikah+100pax+Melati1+RM6000

Melati 2
PAKEJ NIKAH – 200pax | RM7000…/Booking+Pakej+Nikah+200pax+Melati2+RM7000

Melati 3
PAKEJ NIKAH – 300pax | RM8000…/Booking+Pakej+Nikah+300pax+Melati3+RM8000

Pelamin Mini 10ft –
Follow Customer Preference
10 Walkway Aisle
Entrance door
Main Table Decor
VIP Table Decor
Large Centerpiece Decor
Small Centerpiece Décor

Main Table
8 Round Table with White Table Cloth
80 Chiavary Chair with Cushion
1 Buffet Stations
2 Gift Table
Prayer Room
Parking Lot

100 PAX
Nasi Minyak/Nasi Beriani
Nasi Putih
Ayam Masak Merah/Goreng Berempah
Daging Masak HItam/Rendang/Kari/Kurma
Acar Buah/Acar Timun/Pajeri Nenas
Dalca Sayur/Gulai Cendawan
Air Sirap Limau/Sirap Laici/Oren
Buah Tembikai/Oren


Shoot and Edit
Burn In Pendrive


PA System
Family Waiting Area
Family Waiting Room
Brides Room

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Category #1,Category #2,Nurul Adilah Wedding Planner

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