Pakej Perkahwinan Glass Garden Hall 2020-2022-2023


Pakej Perkahwinan Glass Garden House 2020

Glass Gardens Wedding – Looking to host a one of a kind events? We got your back! Our personal connections with some of Shah Alam most reputed hotels, caterers, travel agents and more help us give you an added advantage when it comes to organizing your event. Why have an ordinary event when we can help you have it alongside hidden gems! Garden Wedding Package Glass Garden House | Pakej Perkahwinan Shah Alam


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Nasi Beriyani/ Nasi Minyak / Nasi Putih 30%
Ayam Masak Merah / Goreng Berempah / Ayam Briyani / Ayam Masak Korma / Ayam Goreng Kunyit Halia.
Daging Masak Hitam / Kurma / Rendang
Acar Buah / Jelatah / Pajeri Nenas / Acar Bombay
Dalca Sayur
Ulam-ulaman / Salad
Sambal Belacan

Buah Oren / Campur

Air Minuman Kordial Sirap Pandan

Kopi / The Tarik
Kuih Melayu

MINI Pelamin Dewan / Hall
Backdrop Pelamin
Backrop Layar
Flower Box 2x 3 Ft
Pillar Bunga
Kerusi Mini Pelamin
Bantal Tangan

Airconditioned Hall
PA System (without Operator)
SOP Compliant Set
1 Buffet Table
1 Gift Table
1 Doorgift Table

10 X Meja Bulat + Alas Meja
100 Ghost Chairs
1 Meja Buffet
Meja Penyambut Tetamu
Meja Hadiah

Pramusaji 3-5 Orang Beruniform
1 Event Coordinator
Peralatan Catering

Make Up Nikah 1x
Set Akad Nikah
Sesi Fotografi Nikah

NOTE : Harga ditawarkan (TnC)


Pakej Perkahwinan Glass Garden Hall 2020-2022-2023

Pakej Perkahwinan Glass Garden Hall 2020-2022-2023 | Garden Wedding Package Glass Garden House | Pakej Perkahwinan Shah Alam – We ensure that from the first to the last impression, your guests are captivated by the beautiful details of your wedding day!

Making the decision to engage a wedding expert to help you plan your special day can save you in more ways than just one. We can save your sanity, help manage your stress and the most priceless thing of all being your time. We aim to save you from mistakes or mishaps on ‘The’ day, help avoid your friends and family from feeling like they are ‘working’ on your wedding day all this while helping save you a pretty penny too. We can suggest affordable alternatives and options from our experience and help negotiate for you using industry contacts and passing on relevant discounts.


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